Cantina Mobil dream lived

In reference to my last post regarding Sydney’s food trucks –

Last Friday I found Cantina Mobil sitting, waiting, wishing for me at Circular Quay. I got way too excited…

The menu – not as blurry as this photo would have you believe. Are iPhone camera’s really this shit? Or am I shivering?

THE MAN AND LADY IN THEIR VAN – very friendly service!

A rose water icey pole. It actually tasted like a florist. This is a good thing though apparently, because it was good!


5 thoughts on “Cantina Mobil dream lived

  1. I finally experienced one of the new Sydney Food Trucks recently too… this very same one in fact! The people were lovely and so were the corn kernels, but I must admit I wasn’t that enthralled with the soft taco – maybe it’s because there are so many soft taco choices in Sydney right now. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually enjoy the Taco’s at El Loco in Surry Hills, ashamed because I feel that liking one of Justin Hemmes venues goes against my core values! The sweet corn and chicken taco at El Loco is my fave.

    Have you come across the Art Food Truck one?

    • HA! El Loco comes under what we classify as a “passable” Justin Hemmes venue. So long as you don’t tell us that you enjoy the Ivy crowd and/or security staff, we can remain friends.

      It’s funny, since writing about Catina Mobil, it’s the only one I ever come across. Even last night driving down Macquarie Street, there it was sitting outside the Supreme Court. Was very tempting to stop and have a second dinner – as you say the staff are ridiculously friendly. I think I need to get stalking on the other ones. I’ve heard many great things about Art Food Truck as well.

      • Ha! That Justin Hemmes is so sleazy… Have you been to Ms Choo’s in Pott Point? Another of his venues, but unfortunately delicious, only been there once. Damn him and his strong hold on Sydney. But I definitely draw the line at the Ivy! Puke!

        Let us know if you catch the Art Food Truck!

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