Sanctimonious Sydney was ask by ceeceethatsme to check out the Eat Art Truck after our post on the Catina Mobil food truck ( So over the weekend we stalked the Eat Art Truck to Bondi Markets to have a look and compliment the cook.

I woke up and without even opening my eyes I knew Sydney’s week of beautiful sunshine was over – of course just in time for the weekend. I always leave my window open just a crack as I need fresh air but it was coming in so cold that I had to climb over my boyfriend to close it. As he woke, he immediately cancelled his plans to go for a pre-City2Surf training run as it was certainly not the weather for running around in shorts. So instead of a healthy morning, I convinced him to come with me to Bondi Markets to grab a feed. Let me just say, it didn’t take too much convincing.

It was  Bondi Farmers Market week so there were no funky clothes or vintage record collection stalls. This week it’s basically just jam and infused olive oil stands with the gourmet sausage sizzle guys and the fresh produce family whose now-damp goods stink out the whole area like the underground fresh food section at Paddy’s Market. There was also a sweet little stall selling fresh bread which was beyond hard to walk past.

Eventually, we found the truck around the front toward the beach side, not swarmed by crowds as I had imagined – I’d say mostly due to the lack of people at the markets full stop. I went around and said hi and was greeted by the two young men behind the wheel as I had a look at what was on today’s menu. I could see by the inside of the truck that they must chop and change their daily menu as the options are magnetted on the outside while yesterday’s choices are on the inside wall. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by Saturday morning choices. As you can see from the menu, it wasn’t that well varied and despite the fact that it’s probably really yummy – I have no idea what ‘Ssam’ is. It sounded too human so I went with the ‘Pulled pork in a bun with mustard cabbage’ with a choice of sweet or hot sauce. I went with the hot sauce. Here is it – doesn’t look too much like art does it?

The pork was delish. I had Sammy and Bella (of My Kitchen Rules fame) who were set up opposite the truck with their venture Sammy & Bella’s Burger Bar (where my boyfriend ended up after snubbing the fancier eats at E.A.T – boys!) asking me where I got it. To be honest, I think it would have done better without the mustard cabbage – made the bun a little soggy – but all in all t’was yum. The boys behind the counter were delightful, just like at Cantina Mobil so it was a nice experience despite the freezingness of the blustery Bondi day.

For good measure, and for the fact that their burgers were delicious (much to the bf’s hatred, I took a bite of his lunch) I thought I would also include a bit about Sammy and Bella’s Burger Bar (SBBB – “The extra B is for BYOBB…what about that B….that’s a typo” – Homer Simpson). The burgers are pretty miniature so don’t be expecting a hangover feast but the prices reflect this ($6 for a Shnity burger) so it’s okay. I don’t know if it was Sammy or Bella who served us but she was really nice and said ‘Darling’ a lot which was cute. There was a little side section to their stall where you could chow down your eats with some fresh lemonade which also worked well – especially when it started to spit with rain. I also took a fork from their stand to help with my pulled pork roll, so please take my compliments as a thanks for the plastic fork, Sammy and Bella.

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD – Someone please give us another food testing request, we have no qualms about fulfilling them. I wonder if they are they tax deductible?


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