Return on the Mac

We’re actually the worst. Our last post was on 2 August 2012. Horrendous. We’ve been busy (with our real jobs). Forgiveness? We return on our new Macbook (good riddance PC – it wasn’t us, it was you) and endeavour to sink our teeth into all of Sydney’s best and worsts until the end of time. You’re stuck with us now…

We have moved. New view, new perspective. It’s funny how a change in location can switch your mindset. You get stuck in a rut, you do everything there is that you know you can, you lose your way and get really fucking bored. Still north side of the bridge – the east is for weekend vacays – but we have been opened up to a whole array of new things to do and see and are loving it.

The best part about the new digs – being walking distance from this –

7:00am - Waking up to two great views.

7:00am – Waking up to two great views – hello boyfie.
Instagram – sanctimonioussydney

Here is the history of this beautiful place-

Surprisingly so, it doesn’t actually look like a lot has changed since the black and white photo days. The walk way looks pretty much as it is today. The Ritz is still standing and better still be there when I have the money to afford to live in it (this was my first Sydney based dream).

I remember when I first moved to Sydney from Melbourne. I had just turned 13 and this is the location of my first Sydney New Years Eve experience. Mum, my aunty and uncle and I came down with a picnic and a blanket and waited out the heat of the day for the explosions of midnight. It’s pretty hard to forget.

When I was about 15, I attended again with a couple of friends. We drank some Smirnoff Blacks (probably one each – we were lyykkk sewww wasted) and spent the night listening to some tunes on my portable CD player (totally badass at the time), sitting on rocks and being all but murdered by mosquitos before the fireworks. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago.

Now, it’s the setting of my afternoon walks/failed runs. Why wouldn’t you get off the couch if this is your reward?

The point where you have to wonder what you did to deserve this. Instagram - sanctimonioussydney

The point where you have to wonder what you did to deserve this.
Instagram – sanctimonioussydney

This is the kind of place that makes you want to be a better person. If you’re looking for some Sydsperation, look no further.


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