Blink 182 in review – Sydney

I had such a shitty day at work yesterday. Not a thing went right. Coffee down my dress (which I have now done twice in one week), forgot my lunch, etc etc. But by 5pm all was good with the world again. I was off to pretend I had teenage problems – I was off to see Blink 182 at the Allphones Arena.

I had seen them twice before probably in…2004? Once in Melbourne and then again at the Hordern Pavilion (mad groupie) – where I met them/touched them/screamed in their faces and in turn sent them packing back to America not to return again until last night. Sorry everyone. It was just one of those concerts that you attend for ‘old-times-sake’ much as I did when I went to Hanson last year – man I have good music taste.

It is actually the biggest bitch to get out to Olympic Park. This time there were no special event buses which would usually run for events out there so it meant a trek on the train. Joy. There aren’t many things in the world that I hate more than CityRail trains, especially when it’s as humid as Thailand, which it was that day. There’s nothing like being packed into a peakhour train like sardines when everyone is sweating as though they’ve just stepped out of a pool. How good is it how Cityrail don’t know how to turn on air conditioning? Anyway…I degress.

North Sydney to Town Hall (pick up boyf) to Central to Lidcome to Olympic Park.

We arrived and to my surprise, there were a lot of kids there. Now, I’m 25, was about 13 when I got into Blink 182 (teen with issues?) so that’s 12 years ago. These teenages who were there wouldn’t have even been alive when Blink 182 began. Moral of the story – this made me feel old. My disgust in the fact that actual 8 year olds were at this concert also made me feel really old – appropriate much? The fact that boyf was in a suit having come straight from work and I was in the most casual attire I could be bothered with as opposed to all the dressed up/made up teens that were there – made me feel really old. Didn’t drink alcohol and get totally buzzed – old old old old old.

The opening band, ‘The Vandals’, did their best to warm up the crowd. But instead, the lead singer called a girl in the moshpit fat (“Wow, she’s a big girl!”) so then did all that I could do to ignore their wretched screaming into the mic.

Finally the time came. A huge black sheet dropped and covered the stage sending the crowd into a near heart attack, the lights went out and movement was heard. The sheet dropped and there stood Mark, Tom and their stand in drummer, Brooks Wackerman (best name for a drummer ever or what?), belting out ‘Feeling this’.

blink 2

We were actually much closer than it looks. Thank eff we were’te in the moshpit though – old!
Instagram – sanctimonioussydney

I have a problem when I go to concerts, I spend half the time filming my favourite songs instead of jumping around like a lunatic, screaming the lyrics out loud like you’re supposed to. I then barely ever look at these videos again. Odd. I would post a video but I feel like I’d have a lawyer knocking on my door telling me to take it down. I spent the rest of the concert playing air-drums on boyf’s knee thinking I was as sick as Travis Barker and should have probably gotten the call up to replace him on the tour instead of Wackerman (NB. due to his recent fear of flying, Trav couldn’t make it).

It was great to see that nothing much has changed. They may be married with kids, but they are still as crass and immature as ever. Has anyone got their live Mark, Tom and Travis album where you’re privy to their banter between songs? It was exactly the same. Fart jokes, homosexual jokes, your mum (“mom”) jokes which lead to grandma jokes, penis jokes and a few mentions of “BOOBIES!” from Tom, all still a part of their repertoire. I can only imagine the day that their kids start watching or listening to these live gigs and hearing their dads tell the audience about how they have done so much masturbation in their hotel rooms that you would stick to the floor. Charming.

In an attempt to show their musical maturity, they came out for the encore with acoustic guitars and a mini drumset for the would-be Travis. Though it was cool, it did put a dampener on the concert. Everyone around us seemed to use that part for a toilet break. However, it was at this point that they began to speak seriously and talked about the history of the band – being kids hanging around in California making up songs about their girlfriends and now 20 years later, they’re still performing them to sold out shows. Pretty cool.

For the finale, Mark bought out his famous pink bass and they finished off with ‘Dammit’ followed by the expletive-exclusive ‘Family Reunion’ – 15,000 people screaming the C-word all at once – won’t somebody please think of the children whose really responsible adults bought to this concert (I am old old old old old).

All in all – was cool to relive my teens again. It’s good to know that I can still recite their songs, word for word. I may be old but my memory seems to be in order. I’ll leave you with a picture of two people sleeping on the glorious train ride back home. I can tell you now that if half of this post makes no sense – it’s because I’m tired as hell from being out so late on a school night – Nanna needs her rest.


Just beautiful.


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