Summer in Sydney stays

I’m glad to see that not everyone has given up on Summer. Better late than never, I guess…

Yesterday, I found these on a street in Mosman after they had been abandonned for afternoon-tea. There is something about kids playing in the streets that screams Summer. Mix it with the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of a tennis ball hitting the homemade cricket bat for a six (and out) over the neighbour’s fence and you’ve got yourself a pretty health existence.

I don’t actually remember the last time I saw kids playing on the suburban street, yelling “CAR!” and seeing them flee for the gutters as a car starts coming their way. I guess they’re all inside on Twitterbook throwing comments at each other as opposed to throwing a frisbee. Not that I can talk, it’s a really nice day out there, I can see that from the couch.

So – I pay homage to kids out on the streets until the sun goes down on a Sunday afternoon/evening, causing havoc, smashing windows with their cricket balls (ruuuunnnn), and only walking inside once the smell of the inevitble Sunday roast has drifted from the kitchen oven to their little noses playing outside.


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