Happy Birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear SydneyHarbourBridgeeeee, happy birthday to you! It has gone off on my calender (not really) that it is the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 81st birthday today. Even though I am only 25, it does actually make me feel really old. I remember walking over the bridge after a night out one morning at about 4:00am – oh to be that young again – on it’s 75th birthday (6 whole years ago). They were just about to close off traffic on the bridge (meaning an impossibly expensive taxi through the tunnel, should we have not walked it) for a planned event the next day, so we ran to make the cut off and managed to make it for the trek from The Rocks to Kirribilli. I’m pretty sure that I was the only one who appreciated the fact that the bridge had opened on that exact same day 75 years ago, but at least one of us did so I shall continue to fight the good fight 6 years later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 81ST BRIDGEY WIDGEY – YOU NEVER GET OLD, DESPITE YOUR AGE.

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