Sydney Harbour Tunnel Traffic

There’s nothing like a bit (a lot) of Sydney peak hour traffic to make you feel alive in the morning. This morning I woke up at about 6:30am to the sound of 100 buzzing helicopters chilling out above my place, all facing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After an attempt and falling back asleep, it was realised that that was a fruitless exercise so I reluctantly got out of bed. I looked outside and saw all of the helies but nothing really registered in my brain that something dramatic was going on as I was distracted by the amazing sunrise reflecting of the city skyline (see above).

Usual morning routine – to the bathroom to splash my face, plug in the hair straightener, line up my make up, turn on the TV and apply said make up. On comes the Today Show and Amelia Oberhardt in the ‘Mix 106.5 Traffic Helicopter’ advising me that there is an oil spill in the tunnel and that traffic is a clusterfuck heading into the city. G-r-e-a-t-. Do I get back into bed and sleep for the next hour so the traffic clears up? No, because the helicopters will keep me awake anyway. So I got on with the job and made it to the 7:36 bus headed up toward Military Road so I could get the bus into North Sydney.

I arrived at Military Road to a carpark. Lines upon lines of people waiting for city bound buses. Usually I turn up my nose at those people because I am on my highhorse about working in the less populated North Sydney CBD (other side of the Harbour Bridge), but today I was screwed as well. Should buses not move on Military Road, even the North Sydney bound buses can’t get through to take me to work.

I stood and waited for a while. Called boyf and suggested that when he leaves that he get the ferry over to Circular Quay to avoid the traffic slog. As per usual for that guy, his bus somehow miraculously made it to Wynyard at a fairly reasonable time and he wasn’t even late for work – typical! I waited, I waited, called my boss and said I was going to be late, I waited – probs only for about 10 minutes but I like to be dramatic – then realised I was the only lazy person not walking Military Road to get to our various destinations so I gave in and legged it. It’s not like North Sydney is far, I just reaaaaaaaaaallly didn’t want to walk – I was coffee free at this point as well let us remember.

As I walked I could see that most buses were empty, everyone seemed to have gotten off for the walk. Luckily North Sydney and Neutral Bay hook up pretty well so I was able to head down Merlin Street onto Alfred Street and get the foot bridge that goes over the overpass and into North Sydney. As I got to the end of the overpass I saw someone from Channel 9 either shooting a story for tonight’s 6pm News or a live cross to the Today Show. I thought they were there to interview me about my thoughts on last night’s The Block finale, but alas, they were not.

Made it to work, only 15 minutes late. Scoffed my Weetbix at my desk and drowned myself with a coffee – my body doesn’t respond to later than usual caffiene hits and got on with my day. An hour and a half later, our two resident Northern Beaches’ staff arrived. Poor fellas!

So thank you Sydney Harbour Tunnel for my interesting morning and on behalf of the rest of Sydney – eat it.

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