Sydney Opera House goes blue for Autism Awareness Day

Sometimes I think I’m pretty sick with a camera, but deep down, I know when I take a good shot that it’s all luck. Truth be told, I have no idea how to use my camera. It’s one of those big flashy ones with special gadgets that I’ve never learnt to use. My friends and I call my camera ‘Camera Diaz’. She receives her own invites to our various get-togethers and in turn gets a a lot of use, however, I know that I’m not letting her live up to her full potential. Bad parenting. So last night when I took it down to Kirribilli to take a few shots of the Opera House, it was pretty much a stupendous waste of time – I have not a clue as to how to take photos at night. Enter…iPhone. Though, as with all photographs at night and from a distance, not even Instagram could save me on this one, as you can see from above.

Last night the Sydney Opera House lit up in blue to throw its support behind Autism Awareness Day. I got the tip from Tim Bailey during the Channel 10 weather between his ‘drips and drops across rooftops and crops, shops, mops and Coco Pops’ routine. I for one, love it when the Opera House gets behind causes like this – even inadvertently (‘No War’) – and love the fact that Sydney has such a big stage to do so. The lit up Opera House and the chilly night that it was last night, also reminded me that Vivid is just around the corner – another way for me to pretend to know how to use Camera Diaz.

Here are some details about Autism, afterall, this is why we’re writing this post – Donate if you can. It is a really important cause and I think we probably all know someone affected by Autism in its varying forms. It can be your good deed for the day.

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