About Sanctimonious Sydney

Sanctimonious Sydney is written, photographed, shared, scared and presented by a 26 year old woman from Sydney’s North Shore – but don’t let that fool you – her spoon is not so much silver as it is old and wooden with bits of Bolognese sauce from last weeks dinner still crusted around the edges.

She is a graduated writing student and describes herself as a walking contradiction. She loves social media so don’t be afraid to share and really wants to make a go here so come one, come all, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Military Road (non-Sydney-siders need no apply to that joke, actually, everyone go ahead and ignore it).

We are happy to receive your Sydney based media releases for any upcoming events or openings. Head to our Contact Us page for all the juicy details.

One thought on “About Sanctimonious Sydney

  1. Thanks for the follow – looking forward to seeing what you got…Feel free to share my pages as well – love that you say you’re a walking contradiction…I always say to people, do not do as I do as a parent but I’ll give you great advice about the right thing to do 🙂 So happy you found me 🙂

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